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The smart recycling bin for the future.

Your benefits

Automatic sorting

The process of recycling is done automatically, saving effort

Cost savings

Save money on residual waste costs, leading to higher profit margins.

sustainable impact

Sorting waste at the source better directly reduces land-filled waste and CO2 emissions from burning waste.


Throw it away and forget. Its that simple. No more human error. Less stress about your footprint.


Meet our prototype

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Imagine a world where all the waste that is thrown away is reliably identified, sorted and recycled each and every time.
We believe in making this a reality. 

The Problem

Complex sorting

There are many things that need to be correctly sorted. People are prone to make mistakes in this process

non-circular economy

Plastic pollution damages the world's ecosystem. By recycling more, there's less of an impact.

Management costs

Money is wasted by non-optimized waste sorting, costing businesses tons of money

How we make a difference

Automatic waste sorting

Based on multi-sensor AI technology, we’ve developed the fastest, easiest  and cheapest waste sorting bin around.
How would you like to increase your profitability and potential as a business by using our technogy?

Our bins are able to identify different types of waste and sort them accordingly.

Actionable waste insights

You can also know how much, what and where waste is being thrown away. Allowing you to improve your logistics of removing waste from the bins, making your life that much easier.

How would you like to gain insights, attain a better peace of mind and improve your ecological footprint as a business?

An award winning idea

At the  University Of Twente entrepreneurial challenge, we’ve won the audience prize for the best business idea pitch in 2019 and best prototype-phase business in 2020.  The UT challenge is for students to create great, out-of-the-box innovative solutions for societal problems and translate them into real products and business plans, while interacting and making use of the expertise from their innovative and very knowledgeable partners.

We participated at CSU Innovatie Award 2020 and won first place as the most impactful idea for the facility industry. CSU Innovatie Award is a competition for innovative and smart ideas to solve challenges for the facility industry by keeping better, healthier and more sustainable working environments.

About us

We all share the passion for sustainability, creativity and making solutions to practical problems. Our international background helps foster the best and most fun collaborations and product developments.

Tyrell Pantophlet

Executes company operations, ensures resource efficiency and deals with the overarching details of the business and manages all other operations.

victor okoro

Contributes to product development, manages market research, company strategy, and leads organisational partnerships and collaboration.


Marketing & Sustainability
Manages social media platforms and contributes to the marketing strategy for pusing forward and communicating PLAEX's sustainability.

Are you in need of improved recycling?

Proper recycling and audits can be tough. 
Especially when people throw the wrong things into the wrong bins. We can help. Our technology sorts automatically, gets rid of human error and allows for cleaner, cheaper waste management. 
Contact us and lets solve these problems together!

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We’re looking for business cases!
Not all of our needs might be the same.
 Every business is different and we understand that. Therefore if you are interested in the potential of using our technology for your business:

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