Automatic waste sorting bins

We create smart recycling bins based on AI to sort various types of waste.
We focus on sustainability and better waste management for the world.
Based in the Netherlands, we're striving to contribute to making the planet sustainable and healthy by improving recycling at the source.

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Automatic sorting

Throw away and forget it. Garby the smart garbage bin sorts it for you automatically.

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Less confusion

Over 70% of rest waste could have been recycled, if only people were not confused where to throw it away.

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Waste data

Our waste insights allow you to directly take action to for your sustainable efforts

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Sustainable impact

Aiming for 0 residual waste? No problem! Aiming to reduce your environmental impact? No problem!

Meet our products

Imagine a world where all the waste that is produced is reliably identified, sorted and recycled each and every time.
We believe in making this a reality. 

Are you in need of improved recycling?

Proper recycling and audits can be tough. 
Especially when people throw the wrong things into the wrong bins. We can help. Our technology sorts automatically, gets rid of human error and allows for cleaner, cheaper waste management. 
Contact us and lets solve these problems together!

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