About Us

PLAEX Technologies is an IT Services firm based in Enschede that develops smart trash bins programmed to automatically sort solid waste and recyclable materials at the point of disposal.

At PLAEX Technologies, we develop smart trash bins that sort any type of solid waste. Our smart trash bins help to reduce the amount of un-recyclable materials solid waste produced, making a direct positive impact on the planet.

By reducing your solid waste, our smart trash bins help to save waste management costs for your business by improving the recycling rate.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence is adaptable to any waste stream and waste separation system, meaning that we can be deployed in any country.

Our Vision statement

The mission of PLAEX is to contribute to a more circular and sustainable world, by reducing the risk of human error in the process.

Our Mission statement

The vision of PLAEX, is to be the solution for separation at the source by making the fastest most accurate recyclable material technology for that, which increases recycling rates and eliminates the need for landfilling solid waste. We intend to branch into other sustainability industries including renewable energies.
With an undying passion and vision, we believe in using innovative technology to create and contribute to a cleaner and more circular world, no matter what.

If You’d Like To Save Costs, Dispose Of Recyclable Materials In A Sustainable Manner And Reduce Your Impact To The Planet, Contact Us.


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