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Make Recycling Easy In Five Steps

Sustainable world

We cherish this planet, and through application of sustainable practices, we can educate ourselves further on discarding industrial waste and reside on the earth, contributing towards a sustainable movement in the present and future generation.

The Earth is our only home and we can provide it smart garbage bins that sort industrial waste in order to facilitate this process for all businesses and individuals. Sustainable  practices can help individuals and businesses support the planet by learning how to dispose industrial waste. 

This hence contributes towards healthy living and a sustainable future.

We have tormenting the earth with un-sustainable practices, which result in industrial waste that cause pollution, as well as, unnecessary waste landfill.

Through the provision of our smart garbage bins, that automatically sort industrial waste, together we can prevent this through the application of sustainable practices.

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Introducing the PLAEX pilot : GARBY and GARCIA

Four recycling garbage bins that sort waste in each container for residual waste, paper, plastic and bottle.

At this present point in time, waste management is a critical crisis that results in unnecessary industrial waste landfill and has to be dealt with immediately.

According to the World Bank, the Earth generates 2.01 billion tonnes of industrial waste on a yearly basis.

That means that with at least 33% of industrial waste is not being managed in an environmental-friendly manner.

Sustainable businesses practices are nonetheless the only solution for all of us to follow in order to save our planet, help ourselves today, tomorrow and in the future for the next generation.

Together, we can make a difference and create zero waste with our pilot, which showcases our smart garbage bin that sorts metal objects, paper objects, plastic objects, residual waste or all forms of solid waste.

This will cause no damage to the planet which we we live and discard industrial waste

Unfortunately, this makes our living, as well as, daily practices even more difficult by the day.

At PLAEX, this is our dream and it is possible. 

We provide the best smart waste management for your firm through our smart garbage bins that automatically conducting the waste sorting process on your behalf.

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