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10 November 2022
Are you optimistic about zero-waste and hopefully seeing every country adapt to sustainable practices that contribute towards a healthy living? If that’s the case, then you’re going to love what the EU Mandate has in store for us. Read our blog to find out!
9 November 2022
How Is Waste Collected & Where Is It Taken?
We all generate waste, but… Where does it actually go? In this blog we’re going to outline just that: how waste is collected, as well as, where it is taken after collection. Check out the blog to find out more!
27 October 2022
Residual waste is non-hazardous waste that does not count to the other recycled types of waste. But what exactly counts as residual waste? What happens to it? Read our blog to find out!
17 October 2022
The strain on our planet’s resources increases as the population of the world rises from 3 billion in 1960 to 7 billion in 2022. This is more than double the size of the population in terms of its growth increase. The world is just evermore growing and this is the main reason why we should all take care of our waste and discover more about new and simple ways to deal with it. Read more to find out how this is possible!
15  October 2022

The European Union produces more than 2.5 billion tons of waste every year and that amount keeps growing annually. Less than half of it is recycled or composted. The European Union has set a target that 70 % of all the waste has to be recycled by 2030 which is compared to only 44% by today. How can we revolutionize waste management? Read more to find out!

03 October 2022

The 1st Monday of every October is designated as the World Habitat Day by UN. In the year 1986 was the 1st World Habitat Day celebrated. Each year there is new theme and is celebrated in different host cities. This year the theme of the world habitat day is “ Mind the Gap. Leave No One and Place Behind.” 

01 October 2022

The EBF conference is the largest student conference conducted in Netherlands. PLAEX will also be a part in this wonderful experience. 
This year they have various speakers, and we are taking up the entrepreneurship Q & A.  
Read our blog to learn more!

24 September 2022

Can you live without water? The obvious answer is “NO”. Water makes up to 50% to 70% of your body weight. Every human on average consumes up
to 3 to 4 liters of water every day.
According to NRDC  it might be very shocking that around 80% of the world’s wastewater is dumped back into the environment which lands in water bodies and ends up polluting lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceans. Read more to learn about World Rivers Day.

20 September 2022
Image of Garby the AI Smart Garbage Bin

Nobody loves a messy and stinky office isn’t it? Nobody loves to spend more money on waste management and we also don’t need landfills. So look for a smart solution to sort your waste in a very efficient manner and get rid of the excess money you spend on waste management.

Relax and read the following on what you should know while buying the ultimate smart bin.

18 September 2022

When we talk about ZERO emissions everyone focuses on CO2 emissions. But global warming is caused by greenhouse gases. Hence it’s very important that we prevent the emission of any type of greenhouse gases. By increase in the concentration of these gases, we are magnifying the process of global warming.

23 August 2022
Sustainable world
We cherish this planet and reside on the earth. This is our only home. The only one that can support our life right now. We have been causing damage to the earth with unsustainable practices. We have to prevent it as soon as possible.
23 August 2022
Four recycling garbage bins that sort waste in each container for residual waste, paper, plastic and bottle.

At present, waste management is a critical crisis that has to be dealt with immediately. According to the World Bank, the earth generates 2.01 billion tons of municipal waste annually with at least 33% of the waste not managed in an environmentally safe manner.
Read more to learn about piloting our products!

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