PLAEX at the EBF conference 2022

02 October 2022, By Anenaa Thirumurthy
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Waves of Change, Oceans of Opportunities
The EBF conference is around the corner which is the largest student conference conducted in Netherlands. PLAEX will also be a part in this wonderful experience. People of from all over the world and disciplines come here! From students, alumni, business representaties, founders from great initiatives, recruiters, and CEOs.
The EBF Conference consists of 2 days, each day with its own distinctive character. The first day will have an academic character, whereas the second day will be the traditional conference day. In these two days there will be more than six hundred participants.
This year they have various speakers, and we are taking up entrepreneurship Q & A.


Image of Garby the AI Smart Garbage Bin
PLAEX Technologies B.V creates smart recycling bins that automatically sort waste. We are also creating waste detection devices providing information on the quantity and type of waste thrown away.
We focus on new innovative technologies in the field of sustainability.
PLAEX's vision is to be the solution for environmentally sustainable technologies where we start with source separation, increasing recycling rates and landfilling residual waste.
We intend to diversify into other industries including renewable energy. With unwavering passion and vision, we believe in using innovative technologies to create and contribute to a cleaner, more circular world, no matter what.
Here you will find our co-founders Tyrell and Victor. Here are a few things about them.
Tyrell Pantophlet

Tyrell Pantophlet

Co-founder, CEO & CTO
Tyrell was born in St. Maarten. Growing up he felt that attaining sustainability and a circular economy was a huge problem on his island. He was especially concerned with the landfills and electricity generation system. This became a driving force for him to pursue the masters in the field of sustainability. As the co-founder, executive & tech lead, he deals with the overarching details of the business and manages its operations and members, as well as leading the technological development of the bin.
While pursuing double expertise (MSc in energy for smart cities), he was awarded a partial scholarship from InnoEnergy. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer even undergoing treatment and hospitalized he kept the vision, motivation, and fire which never stopped him from producing productive outputs as much as possible. Now a cancer survivor dedicates himself full time to the start-up with an even greater passion for pushing the vision further.
Victor was born in Lagos, Nigeria, a megacity that faced annual floods that are often exacerbated by a less than optimal waste management chain. Victor dreams to have an optimal waste management method and respecting the resources of our planet with the goal to restore them and just keep exploiting it. Which became the driving force to co-found PLAEX.
As the co-founder, executive & tech lead, he has dealt with the overarching details of the business and manages its operations and members, as well as leading the technological development of the bin. Through his product management background and various other entrepreneurial endeavors, has one thousand times his net worth and all these are just the beginning.
Victor Okoro

Victor Okoro

Co-founder, CSO (Strategy & Sales)


Catch us on EBF on the conference day of the EBF conference on the 7th of October. Get ready with your questions!
Do not hesitate to check our product please visit our website. We offer even a pilot program.
How would you like to be part of the change to a more sustainable future? Remember, it is not complex, it is PLAEX.
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