What You Should Know Before Purchasing A Smart Bin?

20 September 2022, By Anenaa Thirumurthy
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Nobody loves a messy and stinky office isn't it? So look for a smart option to get rid of the pungent smell. You can have a smart recycling bin to ensure a healthy and stench-free office.
Nobody loves to spend more money on waste management and we also don't need landfills. So look for a smart solution to sort your waste in a very efficient manner and get rid of the excess money you spend on waste management.
Relax and read the following on what you should know while buying the ultimate smart bin.
Image of Garby the AI Smart Garbage Bin

What is a smart bin?

Smart bins are designed to recognize different types of waste and sort them. They are a fully enclosed system that minimizes contamination of the recyclables, prevents misuse, and simplifies the recycling process. Mostly they are made of sensors, mechanical processors, image processing units, and communication modules. The AI smart recycling bin is made usually with recycled material and is energy efficient, which helps you in creating a circular economy.

Some smart features smart bin has:

There are so many smart features that a smart bin has these days. but as a sustainability expert, I feel these given features are the basic and most important features which are required and have to be considered while buying a smart automatic sorting bin.
Image of Garby the PLAEX smart garbage bin in real life
Cross-contamination of waste: greenhouse gas like methane and CO2 can be produced by cross contamination of waste. The smart bin helps to prevent that from happening which in turn reduces the cost of your residual waste. When people throw their waste mixed together, the waste becomes contaminated and is more expensive to recycle. This leads waste management companies to landfill and burns which causes CO2 emissions and land+sea pollution.
Contact free lid for smart bin: It's a well-known fact that we have to disinfect our hands when we touch dust bins but when working in a busy office with busy schedules you can't disinfect your hand each time you use the bust bin. Don't worry, as this smart bin has an automatic contact-free lid by which you can keep your hand's germs and bacteria-free.
Maintain hygiene when using the smart bin: A garbage bin always attracts insects and rodents when dust and waste are poured into it without sorting. harmful insects, germs, and bacteria will breed and proliferate in such kind of ecosystem. AI automated sorting recycling bins can prevent this from happening.
Garby the garbage bin
Try being eco-friendly using a smart bin: The material used in the construction of the smart bin is recyclable and biodegradable in nature.
Save your time with a smart bin: One of the most important things which we should keep in mind is to clean up the trash regularly for which the waste management crew has to check the waste bin frequently so that the bin doesn't overflow. With a smart bin, you can get a notification that points out the fill level of the bins by which we can empty them.
Sorting waste in your smart bin: The primary step of the waste management process is to sort the waste at the consumer level. But being in a busy environment it's a bit difficult to sort your waste; Hovering near the bin, and thinking about which waste goes in which basket. Forget those painstaking sorting processes, automatic waste sorting bins can sort your waste for you.
PLAEX Technologies B.V Smart Garbage Detector
Odor-free smart bin: It's so obvious that your smart bin will not smell like a fresh spring. But what if the odor is too stinky and it covers up your whole office? So a smart bin can be a solution.
Save space and give aesthetic look using a smart bin: A calm place can be 100 times more productive. The aesthetics of the places also matter a lot and get the maximum of all the space available. The smart sorting bin's compact designs allow it to be placed anywhere without changing the style of the office much.
Analyze your data using the smart bin: Smart bin collects all the waste-related statistics, which you can even control and regulate your waste management system. Your waste management becomes more efficient and data-driven.
Smart bins are portable: Don't like the old place you installed your bin? If you are renovating your office opt for an easy portable smart bin.

Where can I find a bin with these qualities ?

The PLAEX team as come up with GARBY, the futuristic bin with a GenZ design.Garby the garbage bin is a smart bin that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a proprietary mechanical design, to identify, classify, and sort waste, ensuring high material purity and recycling.
Its mechanical design and AI algorithm are flexible to adjust to varying client requirements for what they want sorted and how many streams they need.
See here to know more about the free 2-week PLAEX pilot program.


If you want to shift yourself into a circular economy, a smart recycling bin is the one you can rely on.
There are so many smart bins in the market but choose wisely the one which will cater to your needs. Hence before buying check the features of the bin.
For your convenience, we have GARBY and GARCIA which you have to check out. Let's get in contact!
How would you like to be part of the change to a more sustainable future? Remember, it is not complex, it's PLAEX.
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