Meet Garby

Garby the garbage bin is a smart bin that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a proprietary mechanical design, to identify, classify, and sort waste, ensuring high material purity and recyclability. It’s mechanical design and AI algorithm is flexible to adjust to varying client requirements for what they want sorted and how many streams they need. Currently Garby sorts 4 streams: Plastic Metal & Drink cartons (PMD), Paper, Organic and Residual waste but can be adapted to sort different streams of solid waste as well. 

Image of Garby the AI Smart Garbage Bin
  1. Opening cylinder for waste to be thrown in
  2. Lights to indicate the type of waste thrown into the bin
  3. Here’s where waste is sorted
  4. Internal bins (4) where the waste bags can be retrieved
  5. Wheels that allow the bin to be easily moved when necessary
Image of Garby the AI Smart Garbage Bin
  1. Opening cylinder for waste to be thrown in.
    Here, there are sensors that detect whenever something is thrown into the cylinder. Once something is detected, the cylinder will close allowing the object to enter the sorting chamber.
  2.  The lights will flash red to indicate that the Artificially Intelligence is recognizing the waste. Once recognized, it changes colors to indicate what type of waste it was and the sorting begins. 
Image of Garby the AI Smart Garbage Bin

3. Waste is sorted to one of the 4 different compartments. Garby can sort any type of solidwaste ranging from plastic bottles to organics. Currently she sorts PMD/Paper/Organic/Residual waste. 

4. Internal bins are shown where the plastic bags will be hanging from. The tiny half-circle towers are meant to help secure the bags in each of the 4 compartments

See Garby in action!

The two videos indicate when paper waste is thrown in, or PMD waste is thrown in. 

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