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Garby The Garbage Bin

Meet “Garby” the smart garbage bin.

She can automatically sort solid waste! Want to sort between paper and bottles? How about between Coffee cups and cans?

No problem! Up to 4 different streams can be sorted within the bin. Our Artificial Intelligence is adaptable to any waste stream

and can be deployed in any country.

Meet Garcia The Waste Seer!

She is a smart waste identification device prototype that flashes to indicate where your waste belongs! It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify where to throw your garbage away.

It can identify a multitude of objects ranging from plastics, organics, paper and residual waste. Each color indicates a different type of waste. 

Our dashboard provides you with information on what and how much waste you’re making when you scan your trash just before throwing it away. Allowing you to make the right decisions to reduce your waste and reliably track your efforts.

How would you like to gain insights, attain better peace of mind and improve your ecological footprint as a business?

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