Different points on Zero Emissions Day: 21st September

18 September 2022, By Anenaa Thirumurthy
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When we talk about ZERO emissions everyone focuses on CO2 emissions. But global warming is caused by greenhouse gases. Hence it's very important that we prevent the emission of any type of greenhouse gases. By increase in the concentration of these gases, we are magnifying the process of global warming.

What are the green house gas:

Earth's greenhouse gases both natural and man-made gases trap heat in the atmosphere and in turn warm the planet. The key gases responsible for this process include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor(which all occur naturally), and fluorinated gases (which are synthetic). In which only fluorinated gases are man-made.

CO2 Emissions by country 2022:

The greenhouse gases are measured in CO2 equivalent and currently, 50 billion tons are released in the world. According to the world population review they have released a map which shows the CO2 emission by each country.
map with emissions
  1. China - 11,680.42
  2. United States - 4,535.30
  3. India - 2,411.73
  4. Russia - 1,674.23
  5. Japan - 1,061.77
  6. Iran - 690.24
  7. Germany - 636.88
  8. South Korea - 621.47
  9. SaudiArabia - 588.81
  10. Indonesia - 568.27
In the top ten countries which emit CO2 from this, it's clear that developed and developing count try to release more CO2. So the people here try to control it.

Who generates green house gases and how to prevent them?

According to the European parliament, the greenhouse gasses emitted by the European sector during the year 2019.

Power stations and industry:

The European Union has set up carbon markets that will cut the emission of CO2 from the power station and industry, every company has to buy permits to emit the CO2 in this new emission trading system (ETS) this system will cover up to 40% of total EU greenhouse gases emission.

Construction and agriculture :

The construction and agricultural sector's emission reductions can be achieved If the national emission target is achieved and these emission targets are calculated based on the country's gross domestic product per capita. By the year 2030, the emission targets are reduced from 29% to 40% by MEPs .

Transport :

In June 2022, the European union-backed to achieve the proposal to reach zero emissions from newly manufactured cars and vans in the European Union by the year 2035. This is going to reduce greenhouse gases to a greater extent.
But to date EU had no requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for ships .maritime transports just have conditions to fit 55 packages by EU ETS.

Deforestation and land use :

The European Union is also focusing on restoring forests by which Oxygen restoration can occur naturally.
In June 2022, rules governing deforestation and change of land use (LULUCF) were voted for updating by doing this they are planning to increase the EU's carbon sinks to more than the current 55% target by 2030.
Food loss and waste also aggravate global warming and the emission of greenhouse gas (GHG)footprint. Production, transportation, and handling of waste can generate a noticeable amount of greenhouse gas and even increase landfills, these landfills generate methane, CO2, and other greenhouse gas.

The solution to the waste management problem:

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Zero emission day is one way everyone celebrates in a different way by reducing the consumption of vehicles. Companies follow strict regulations by the EU along with all these the company has also done the minimum of sorting wastes. Garby will sort wastes with zero effort. Book your free pilot's program also.
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