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The Automatic Sorting Bin that will sort your life out
23 August 2022, By Anenaa Thirumurthy
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At present, waste management is a critical crisis that has to be dealt with immediately. According to the World Bank, the earth generates 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal waste annually with at least 33% of the waste not managed in an environmentally safe manner.
Globally the waste is dumped or discarded into landfills. Around 37% is disposed of in landfills and 8% of that is dumped in sanitary landfill with gas collection systems. 31% accounts for open dumping, 19% is recovered through recycling and composting and 11% is incinerated for final disposal, the remaining 2% is by other means.
Four recycling garbage bins that sort waste in each container for residual waste, paper, plastic and bottle

Building circular economy

There should be a power shift from landfilling to a waste management system that helps in building a circular economy. For building a circular economy the foundation starts from waste segregation.
Today more than ever the government propagates and encourages businesses for waste segregation and even more they provide incentives for those who follow waste segregation or else the government rewards them with heavy fines.


Pilot service
As many people are showing interest in our product we have decided to come up with the pilot service. In this pilot, you can book a free consultation service.
PLAEX's Team will analyse your waste management goals and accordingly work towards optimising and streamlining your waste management goal in a very cost-effective way.
In this Pilot PLAEX, a sustainability expert will give 2 weeks free demo of the products Garby and Garcia which will cater to your needs, just support us with the delivery. In these two weeks, they will enlighten you on the working of their products. How to empty it and how to manage the data. If you want to make any personalised changes to the product also can be done on demand after purchase.
Book your FREE consultation now!
Image of Garby the Smart Recycling bin
How to buy Garby or Garcia?
If you are very much interested in leasing the product after the pilot service you can just contact the in-house waste management expert who will be assisting you, or you can book Garby or Garcia.

Value proposition



if you are interested in the automatic waste sorting bin Contact PLAEX pilot service to get a free 2 weeks demo.
How would you like to be part of the change to a more sustainable future? Remember, it is not complex, it's PLAEX.
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