World Habitat Day

3 October 2022, By Anenaa Thirumurthy
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World Habitat Day
The 1st Monday of every October is designated as the World Habitat Day by UN. In the year 1986 the 1st World Habitat Day was celebrated. Each year there are new themes and they are celebrated in different host cities. This year the theme of the world habitat day is “ Mind the Gap. Leave No One and Place Behind.”
This year the UN is focusing more on the inequalities and vulnerabilities of the triple C's, which are Covid-19, Climate, and Conflicts.
COVID has already killed around 119 and 124 million in 2020, and between 143 and 163 million in 2021. Because of the conflict there is a new crisis of newly poor people emerging.
Cities and local governments are playing huge role to respond the crises and emergencies and even are planning resilient and green future. They are even planning for sustainable development goals.


In this 3,October 2022, PLAEX is also celebrating World Habitat Day by telling all our products are highly sustainable, prevents landfills, easy to use products. Which are exclusively designed to meet the requirement of our customers who wish to be sustainable and develop new goals. GARBY can sort 4 types of waste.
Sustainability is using the resources mindfully and trying to restore the resources as your use. The non-recycled waste ends up in the landfills according to world counts around 2.12 billion tons of waste is dumped every year.
But if everyone is focusing on recycling and living sustainably these numbers can be drastically reduced to a much lower count. The recycling of waste faces another huge problem and that is waste sorting. Local governments and even companies spend around 4 to 10% of the average business's annual turnover on waste management.
Image of Garby the AI Smart Garbage Bin
When you sort the waste in-house you can save a lot. PLAEX has developed GARBY which not only sorts the waste but also analyzes the data and tells you how efficiently you can manage your waste.
It even reduced the work of checking regularly the bin to check if the bin is full. with the help of GARBY, your waste management team can receive notification on fill notification. GARBY is very compact hence will not use more spaces in your office its cool aesthetic look will be a compliment in your office.
To welcome PLAEX vibe to your family and make this World Habitat Day a reason to contribute to the development of the sustainable habitat for the future. CONTACT US


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